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When Orcas Speak

Updated: Jun 15

Orcas swim inside of the Ria de Arousa, Galicia, Spain. Photo by Pablo Covelo.

Iberian orcas' interactions with boats have stirred global dialogue and challenged perceptions. Over three years, 15 endangered orcas have damaged nearly 300 boats, sinking four. My new article When Orcas Speak: Listen Carefully dives deep into these interactions and orca-human history. I interviewed cetacean experts and an eyewitness mariner to better understand these encounters and examined how orcas struggle, adapt, and resist in the face of anthropogenic threats. What might orcas be communicating as they navigate human activity in their ancestral waters? How can allies amplify their voices? Acknowledging orca agency within a social-political context invites us to forge solidarity across species.


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