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"Animal Resistance" Released in Spain

Updated: Apr 19

Photo by Errata Naturae.

I am excited to announce the release of Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era in Spain, illuminating the stories of animals at the forefront of their liberation movement.

Along with this great news, I must address a publishing error in the Spanish edition. The cover mistakenly describes the book as a product of doctoral research. I want to clarify that my academic endeavors led to a master's degree, and this book was a passion project that I embarked on independently after my graduation.

Storytelling has the power to inspire change and deepen our understanding of the critical need for anti-speciesism, decolonization, and collective liberation. I hope this book will raise awareness about the struggles of our animal kin and emphasize the urgency of a broad multispecies social justice movement.

Photo by Errata Naturae.


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