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Gibraltar-Iberian Orca Interview

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

As many are now aware, about 15 members of an endangered subpopulation of orcas off the Iberian Peninsula have been regularly interacting with the boats that enter their territory. Mariners had reported these interactions from the Strait of Gibraltar, a bustling marine crossroads, up the Atlantic coastlines to the Bay of Biscay. The orcas' coordinated tactics, which include ramming rudders and hulls, have resulted in over 250 damaged vessels and three sunken yachts.

I had the opportunity to discuss this unfolding narrative with Dutch journalist Mina Etemad, who interviewed me for this article published by One World. Mina's thoughtful coverage highlights animals as active participants in their struggle for liberation, including orcas as drivers of social change. Whatever the orcas' exact motivations for engaging with boats may be, their actions are assertive and bring attention to the anthropogenic threats they face. Currently, I am writing an article about the Gibraltar-Iberian orcas that further explores these themes, and look forward to sharing it in the near future.


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